Richwood Volunteer Fire Department

Community Service Above And Beyond Since 1906

Richwood Fire Department Firefighters: 

These are the members of the department.

1112 - 1115 Sergeants

1115- 1140 Firefighters

*  indicates Award Given
♦ Indicates Position in the Dept.

1112 - Sergeant - Richard T. Allison

Dept's Secretary
"Tommy" works for the Nicholas County Sheriff's Department. as Deputy 222. He is a Sergeant and is the Home Confinement Officer. He is the father of 1 son, Kory.

1113 - Sergeant - John Shuttlesworth

John is retired and works part time for Simon-Coleman Funeral Home. He has one son, Billy.

1114 - Seargent - Pat Facemire

Pat is employed by the Collins Company in Richwood. He is married to Janetta and they have two kids; Tyler and Tierra

1115 - Sergeant  - Alan Nichols

Alan is a self proclaimed Jack of All Trades. He is married to Marshelle and they have 4 kids Alyssia, Scott, Eric, and Rainey

1116 - Firefighter/Decontamination Technician. -  Mike Spencer

*Dept President

Mike is retired and is in charge of our Hazardous Materials Response Trailer. Mike is married to Diane.


1117 - Firefighter/EMT - Jack Tinney II

 Jack works for Redi-Care Ambulance as an EMT at Richwood Station 76 and is also our site's developer. He is also enrolled in a current Paramedicine program and aspires to be a paramedic. 

If you have any questions E-mail him at [email protected] 
                                                  Put ATT: Jack Tinney In The Subject

1118-Firefighter-Robert Dooley

Bob is retired from the 821st division of the Army National Guard. He is married to Maria.

1119-Firefighter-Shane Clark

Shane is employed with Alpha Natural Resources as a miner operator 


1120 - Firefighter - David Hicks

Dave is a retired social studies teacher.


1121- Firefighter/EMT - Kevin Bennett

Kevin is an EMT-B at Redi-Care Ambulance Service 

1122 - Firefighter - Eddie Shaver

Eddie is currently employed at Laurel Creek Hardwoods as a saw operator 


1123- Firefighter - Ian Gladwell

 * 2011 Fireman of the Year

 * Webmaster

Ian is currently attending the West Virginia Uiversity School of Pharmacy pursuing a Pharm.D degree. He is slated for graduation in May, 2018. In addition to being the administrator of the department computer lab, he is also employed by Redi-Care ambulance as a CPR/Driver.

1124 - Firefighter - Nicholas Skaggs

Nicholas is an EMT-B at Redi-Care Ambulance 

1125 - Firefighter - Dan Silman

Dan works for the Nicholas County Sheriff's Department as a Deputy


1126 - Firefighter - Tyler Cornell

 Tyler is a graduate of RHS and son of deputy Chief Jim Cornell


1127 - Firefighter - David "Brownie" Brown

David is employed at Brooks Run Coal Company as a heavy equipment operator

1128 - Firefigher/Paramedic - Heidi Mollohan

Heidi is a paramedic for Redi-Care ambulance. She and Engineer Robert Mollohan are married as of Spring 2013

1129 -  Firefighter - Gerald Paul "Jamie" Tinney 

April 14, 1991 to November 19, 2010

Jamie Tinney U.S. Marshall

You will be missed by all your brothers at the Fire Department and by your family and friends......

1130- Firefighter - Franklin Bennett

Franklin is a Driver at Redi-Care Ambulance

1131 - Firefighter - John Brugnoli

John is a cable installer for Shentel 

1132-Firefighter-Alfonzo "Joey" DeRito

Joey is enjoying his life of retirement 

1133-Firefighter-Johnathan "Munch" Smith

Johnathan is a logger in the family business.

1134-Firefighter-Craig Nicholas

Craig is a student at West Virginia University majoring in biology

1135-Firefighter/EMT-Ryan Sparks

Ryan is an EMT-B for Quinwood ambulance Service. He is also enrolled in the Paramedicine program and aspires to be a Paramedic 

1136 - Firefighter - Brandon Cox

Brandon is employed with the Collins Company here in Richwood.